My day in Glasgow

I’m not a big fan of day trips, especially to places I’ve never been before. I always worry that I’ll end up falling in love with that place, and regret not spending enough time there. It’s kind of like when you see an attractive guy on the street, or in a shop somewhere, and you leave wishing you exchanged numbers (yeah, okay). So I’ve officially set a new standard for myself, which I don’t expect anyone to follow, but would highly recommend to all of my aspiring/fellow travelers out there….

If possible, always try to dedicate at least 2 days to each place you visit. Obviously, if it’s a giant like Germany, or China, you’ll want to increase that amount for the bigger cities, and do the opposite for the smaller ones. The way I see it, even if you depart with a heavy heart and unrelenting nostalgia (a.k.a me), you’ll still be walking away with many more memories.

The architecture gets me EVERY time!!!!!

Right, so back to the actual point of this post, my time in Glasgow. I wouldn’t say I was head over heels for the place, but I definitely regret only spending one day there. There were so many things that I wanted to do, but never got the chance to. However, I suppose that gives me a reason to return.

My decision to visit Glasgow was birthed out of my wonderstruck with Edinburgh. I felt like I needed to visit another of Scotland’s most popular destinations. However, I later realized that the two are like night and day. Even as I write, I still can’t think of a word that would adequately compare them to each other, so I’ve decided I just won’t. They’re two very different places, and that’s okay; imma let ’em be. It’s basically like comparing NYC to L.A., just because they’re in the same country, doesn’t mean they’ll be the same, or remotely similar for that matter.

Anyway, I wanted to make Glasgow as memorable as possible, so I combined that desire with the theme of the season and decided to take myself to a good old fashioned Christmas movie.

If you’re ever in Glasgow and you’re looking for something fun to do, I’d recommend the Glasgow Film Theatre. It’s a cute independent cinema, stocked with it’s own bar (where you can purchase non-alcoholic beverages as well), unique little quirks, and various seasonal movies. It’s also close to main shopping areas like St. George’s Square, Princes Square, and Buchanan Street.

If you choose to stay in Edinburgh like I did, Glasgow is only about 55 minutes away by train (the fastest and cheapest option). I opted to travel from Waverley station using Scotrail, which cost under £20 for a return ticket. The Queen St. route seemed to be the better option for what I had planned, but there are several other stations that can get you to any location in the city. However, Glasgow is not as geographically broad as Edinburgh (though both are walkable), so you can pretty much access most of the popular areas in the town center on foot as well.


My other mission was to follow the Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail. I absolutely adore street art, I really believe that it gives you a glimpse of the personality of a place and the type of humor (or lack thereof) that exists there. Also, my desire to take copious amounts of photos made it inevitable. I was about 25% successful in that venture, as I forgot to factor in that it was winter. Not only was I losing sunlight FAST, but many of the murals were located on secluded streets/alleyways and I wasn’t about to fall into that obvious trap, me being a solo female traveler and all (gotta think smart, kids).

Nevertheless, it was a fun, but inexpensive (and by this I mean free) way to simultaneously explore several different parts of the city while hunting down cool art.

Final verdict, Glasgow was a day well spent.

The best part is, I already have a plan for my return visit (because I always return to the places I like), basically everything I didn’t get to do this time around.

Thanks for reading Xxx

Do you ever make your own traveling rules? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “My day in Glasgow

  1. Love the travel report and pix! Can’t wait to hear what you discover on your next adventure! I have no great travel tips, but I think you’re wise to be extra careful when you’re traveling alone (something you probably don’t want to advertise while it’s happening) !!

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