She Bloomed

And so she bloomed…..

Into the flower she’d always wanted to be.

The warm, life-giving rays of the Son engulfed her as she protruded the earth. 

Forever nourished by the eternal well, she will never thirst again.

Planted and standing firmly on the rock, she will endure every storm.


She’d never known what she could become.

Certainly not a flower….maybe just an ordinary plant. 

But never a vibrant one, never something so sweetly fragranced by potential.

She assumed her story would begin and end, never evolving into something so magnificently filled with purpose.

But she was merely the canvas, God held the brush.


Where she saw nothing, He saw everything. 

She didn’t know it yet, but He had already traced her a crown of petals.

And imparted His arm as her stem, a pedestal of support to keep her far above the waters.

And He donned her with thorns, to protect her from the one who seeks to devour.  

You see, He’d loved her since she was merely a seed beneath the earth, far from the cusp of birth. 


He never identified her by the flaws that others did, for she was one of His beloved creations.

Every stroke of His brush was deliberate.

Perfect and without error.

And all that He cherished, all that was dear to Him, He gave completely so that she would know the depths of His love.

That it was one which a thousand oceans could not surpass.


For this, He gave her Jesus.

The One who was slain, the One who was rejected.

So that she could know mercy, so that she could know grace. 

So that she could know love. 


And He never asked for perfection, or completeness.

Because the One with the ability to create from dust sees no lack of promise in any unfinished thing. 

All she needed to do was believe. 

That He, came to illuminate every dark place. 

To be hope for the hopeless, the broken, and a friend to the lonely.


And that He sacrificed everything so she’d have a place, a home to which she would always belong.

For she was His daughter, and He called her Rose. 

I tried something a bit different this week. I thought about the people who often feel ‘useless,’ or void of potential because they can’t seem to find the thing(s) they are passionate about, or ‘good’ at. As someone who has REALLY struggled with this in the past, I know how tough it can be. It leaves you feeling kind of empty, purposeless, and it doesn’t exactly help how you see yourself. But I’ve realized that it’s OKAY to not have everything figured out; it doesn’t make you less special than someone who appears to be bursting with passion and creativity. Sometimes, where we see barrenness, God sees the potential for endless growth and harvest!! There’s a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1) and trust me, yours will come; you will bloom!!

My advice…. Keep trying new/different things, and don’t be afraid to let go of the ones that you really really want to be good at, but just aren’t (we can’t all climb trees). If you’re (physically) in a toxic place, you might want to consider relocating (if you can); you’d be surprised by the extent to which certain environments can hinder your growth. Pay close attention to the things that tug at your heart, because God has placed a specific calling in each and every one of us. Yours is there, you just need to fan it into flames, if you know what I mean. Many will try to discourage you because they won’t see/like your vision, but don’t let them stop your development. Last but not least, remember, you are everything to the One who gave everything for you! 

Thanks for reading Xxx

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