Est. 1996

Side stripes and plaid anyone?

This combo has to be one of the best trends of the season. 

Not only is it a hybrid between my two favorites, trousers and track pants, it’s also really COOL. And I don’t mean cool like the response you give someone when they ask for your opinion and you don’t want to rain on their parade. I mean cool like, chillin’ in the city, effortlessly stylish type of fresco. 


The cropped, wide-leg feature, complimented by the gold hoops made the look feel a bit more retro than it actually was.


This look fits me perfectly because I love showing a bit of ankle. Is anyone else like that? Whether it’s summer, winter, cold, or hot, I absolutely have to wear my ankles out, it just feels weird if I don’t. 


I wore it with the ribbed, high-neck black top to make it a true fall fit’. Fall is not fall without high-necks and mock-turtlenecks, sorry. 


Trousers- Forever 21

Top-Forever 21 

Sneakers- Vans

I forgot to take a picture, but I kept a slightly oversized, washed black denim jacket handy for when the temperature dropped at night.


Also, if you ever make it to Lewiston, ME, do check out Boba for pure lunchtime bliss. Trust me, party in your mouth. 


I had the pad thai with tofu for my entree, and Korean pancakes for my appetizer. 

And that, my friends, is how you finesse a Saturday afternoon!

Thanks for stopping by Xxx

What’s your favorite trend this season?

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